• Frank Skinner: Showbiz

    29/10/2019 | Aldersley Leisure Village

    An unmissable opportunity to see comic legend Frank Skinner perform brand new stand-up in an intimate space.

    'Provocative, remorseless, and very, very funny'

    'One of Britain's funniest men'
    Evening Standard ...

  • The Brew

    26/04/2019 | The Slade Rooms

    From Grimsby, The Brew continue to grow in stature and ever since the release of their international breakthrough "The Joker", this award-winning trio has become one of Europe's most potent rock acts, combining the musicianship of classic rock with youthful...

  • Sam Avery - The Learner Parent

    15/05/2019 | The Slade Rooms

    Parenthood is a crafty beast. The second you master something it changes the game so you're rubbish at it again.

  • Micky P Kerr - Z-List Celebrity...

    04/04/2019 | The Slade Rooms

    In June 2018, musical comedian, Micky P. Kerr, was rocketed to stardom when he won the hearts of the nation and wowed both Simon Cowell and Andy Murray's mum with his performances on Britain's Got Talent. Time has passed and he's now been brought safely...

  • Hayseed Dixie

    23/03/2019 | The Slade Rooms

    Hayseed Dixie began one innocent Summer day in 2000 when John Wheeler and Mike Daly drank roughly enough whiskey to float a battleship from the Florida coast over to Portugal and back and decided to play around in John's studio. Having spent the previous...

  • Jizzy Pearl LOVE/HATE

    22/03/2019 | The Slade Rooms

    The mighty LOVE/HATE returns to Slade Room for the "GUINNESS, HAGGIS, CIDER ROCK! " TOUR 2019! With special guests THE BRINK.

  • Ian Prowse & Amsterdam

    18/05/2019 | The Slade Rooms

    Scroll down to watch the promo video for Ian Prowse's brand new song HERE I LIE.
    Order CD here.

  • COBO (Comedy Of Black Origin)...

    25/05/2019 | The Slade Rooms

    Join Comedy Of Black Origin as we come to The Slade Rooms with an almighty bang!
    Wolverhampton get ready some Comedy as we bring some of the best urban comedians on the circuit.
    Join Will E, Junior Booker, Marlon Davis & Kane Brown for...

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